kimerleigh barry      cross-platform designer

Dr Vintage Music Services

• Web Design


When I first encountered Dr. Vintage Music Services in 2014, its brand identity was already well established, but the site was in need of restructuring and reorganization. It was bogged down with dated, superfluous and disorganized content, and the commerce links were buried so deep into the site, so much so you needed to be an archaeologist to locate them. I repositioned and pinned the navigation to the top, making it readily available from anywhere in the site; swapped out the heavy black background and white text, on the interior pages, for a clean white background and black text, then edited down the content and designed a cleaner look.


In restructuring the site, I was limited by certain prerequisites: Dr. Vintage’s already established choice of payment vendor was to remain; after redesign, Dr. Vintage was to maintain the site; I was required to use existing product photography; the email link - hence why the email address is spelled out – is not active; and ordering was required to be available two ways - quick order, where returning customers may proceed directly, and a section for customers to view/read about the product before purchase. I worked with the client to develop and execute a website that best suited his needs.